A Little Bit of Distance – Part 2

The collision had left the 911 Careera RS with a small dent in the bumper, a cracked headlight, a broken windscreen, a smashed rear spoiler and a few scratches here and there.
It had left Ashi lying in the middle of the road with a hole the size of a lemon in his skull, a shoulder that appeared to have become a set square, a foot that was facing the wrong way and a face that had become a devil’s omen.
The woman that was now cradling her only begotten son in her arms, was the same woman that had nurtured Ashi into the inspiring boy that he had become. At six years old he could speak two languages fluently, play the piano, guitar, violin and drums; and solve complicated arithmetical puzzles in his head in seconds. But the most striking thing about the boy was his charisma. He was a beautiful child – interested and interesting, motivated and motivating, inspired and inspiring.
His mother looked into his lifeless eyes. She screamed. The light was gone from the soul. The eyes that had once possessed a spark so bright that it had lit the way for many other lives, had now glazed over.

The Brotherhood were convened expectantly around a large oval table made of oak and rosewood. The oak formed a 12 inch border around a Tijuana tree that had radiated into a flat surface of approximately 14 feet in diameter. This was a rough surface composed of the bark of the spread-eagled tree surrounded by the plinth of finely polished oak, upon which rested the documents that the board had at their disposal.
There was a vibrant hum in the room and then a figure appeared inside the immense crystal bowl that was hovering in the air a few inches above the centre of the table. At first, it was an ethereal representation, though, gradually, as they concentrated, The Brotherhood could perceive that this image was gaining solidity and form.
Having gained mass and substance, the figure, which was that of a six year old child, then animated itself and proceeded to clamber out of the bowl with a suppleness and agility attributable to a feline, onto the wooden surface.
Standing naked before the assembled committee, the materialized form adopted a defensive pose, as The Brotherhood eyed him with an unequivocal curiosity.
Ashi surveyed the intimidating scene before him. Due to his young years he could not conceive the world that he now found himself within. And the contrast between the enduring freedom he had felt only moments before and the ensnarement which he now sensed was overwhelming. These men seemed to speak to him without opening their mouths, and likewise, could read his thoughts and respond before he had the opportunity. In this manner the conversation ensued,
“Who are you?”
“No, child, not what is your name, we know that. What I am asking you, Ashi, is whether you believe your existence in the world which you have just left to be of great enough consequence that you should return.”
Ashi was confused.
“We understand your confusion, Ashi, but in order for you to be eligible for our consideration, you must understand our position. We are here to guard the gate of transference between the world of material form and the world of ethereal form. Admittance to the world of ethereal form precludes your personal alacrity to enter since it is the world of complete contentment.”
Although he could not understand the language used, Ashi comprehended the meaning behind the words due to the fact that all communication was via the conveyance of thought. He responded timidly, “My name is Ashi. I do not know about these worlds, but I do know that I was happy where I was before I came here.”
“Before you came here.”, the head of the Brotherhood cut in, “Ashi, you have always been here. We are the part of your mind which helps you to make decisions. You have only now seen us because, at this point in time you have reached the threshold, between the physical and the divine. What we need you to do now, is to tell us whether you would prefer to stay, or whether you want to change your way of experiencing the world. I must tell you that if you choose to stay, you will be put into a place in which you can learn about the divine state, and then you will regain your bodily form. We think that you must have some training before your return to awareness of your former surroundings.”
“I just want to see my mum, and my friends,” replied Ashi.
“Then so be it.”

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