Chapter 2 – Part 1

A small fire glimmered on the sand in between the makeshift structures. The evening sun was shimmering as it descended below an indeterminable line in the distance, and the chorus that accompanied this time of day was making itself heard ever louder beckoning the crescendo which would inaugurate the night. The shadows of the tents grew longer with each passing minute and a fox played with it’s cubs just beyond the perceived boundary of the camp. A woman appeared, as if from nowhere, and began to tend the slowly weakening flames, evidently, in order that she could warm her hands, which she rubbed together above the fire, and then disappeared into her tent with an obvious feeling of contentment., The journey had been grueling in more ways than one, and it was now time to seek out the simple necessities that cause folk to feel a sense of harmony and wellbeing.
This was what they were familiar with; tents, sand, wild animals, spectacular sunsets, open fires, movement, patience, belief, boredom, tenacity, fortitude, despair, hope, conflict, resolution; all rolled into a package that created the foundation of life.


By twelve, Ashi had aready decided to make love the driving force in his life. The precurser was a life where true love and acceptance had been a hard thing to come by often demeaning his spirit to accept second best just in order to be able to get what little excuse for extended fidelity he could muster..

By eighteen he had lost the belief that anyone else had the same motivation and by twenty four he had lost the belief in any such notion anyway and by thirty was of the certainty that everything was just a whim of the sentiment..

Few people grow up cynical, Cynicism was generally an acquired trait, often taking years of hard-won and lost battles, and a lot of misplaced trust. Some called him a skeptic, supposedly alleging that his character was inclined to doubt instead categorically deny. But Ashi knew himself and he knew that his condition should be defined as cynical. Where he had picked this up , he was not sure, but he was aware of a jarring disdain for anything that the general populace held as sacrosankt,. It was not just by word of mouth,, indeed, it was word of law that Ashi rightfully showed contempt for those false tenets that propose to be able to hold together the very fabric of an ambiguously defined society.


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