A Little bit of distance – Part 8

Three months in God knew where, and Ashi’s bright blue eyes seemed to have taken on an extra yellow circle which now wreathed his pupils: eye-contact had become somewhat formidable..,Steffie beamed at her prodigal son.

“What’s for dinner,” Ashi piped up with a glint in his eye.

“Give me an idea,” Steffie countered, relishing the fact that the decisions were not all hers to make anymore.

Steffie hailed a cab, instantly striking up a rapport with the female driver noting the rarity of lady drivers in the city. The two women were interrupted by some jerk screaming blue murder and punching the driver’s side window. From the back seat, Ashi saw his hand crumble along with his face when he felt the bulletproof glass. Before Steffie could gauge what was going on, her new friend had the guy on the ground with a Glock in his mouth.

As Steffie ascertained, her driver had been given the semi-automatic by a military acquaintance in the case of just such an incident, given the local stigma towards women behind the wheel. Considering the short time they had been together, a remarkable friendship had taken root and when Unice dropped them home, the three vowed to keep in touch.

“Have you decided what we’re gonna have to eat yet,” Steffie put her arm around Ashi as they strolled lazily down the garden path.

“Gravy,” Steffie grimaced and hugged him.


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