A Litttle Bit of Distance – Part 7

One thing was for sure, Coy was going to miss the boy. The old man had seen many people passed on to him, but it was Ashi who had rekindled his passion and pride.

“You must now walk into the unknown,’ Coy said as he passed the torch to the boy.

Grasping hold of the lantern, Ashi heard his mother’s voice ‘My son, come back.’


Gathered around their table, The Brotherhood looked on as the boy materialized before them.

‘Ashi, you have spent some time with the Master, your period of training in the ways of the ethereal form is complete and you have now gained a perspective that few people in the physical realm are fortunate enough to have awareness of. How would you feel about now returning.  you can stay here if you like but you will be given another teacher.’

‘No, I’m done,’ replied Ashi. with a tone that conveyed his contempt for education.

‘Ok, you have done well, Ashi, and now your wish to return to your mother is granted but we warn you that you will never be able to experience the physical realm in the same way as the majority of souls that are there. You may find that forming meaningful relationships is a problem thus you will always feel alone, but you will be comfortable with that feeling given the knowledge and awareness that you now have.’

‘You may meet a soulmate but this depends upon the choices that you make. Be aware, Ashi, that any relationship on the physical plane compromises your own personal power and presence. You will not be able to find pleasure or purpose in the things that entrap most people, to the contrary you will find both pleasure and purpose in ways that most will not be able to understand.’

‘We wish you well, Ashi, and should you need our guidance or advice then our door is always open, just do not forget the way to it.’

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