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He had been uninspired, or so he assumed, for too long now. It was make or break, either to actually create something, or give up the dream entirely and return to drunkenly scrolling through facebook posts and watching youtube videos on how to become successful.

Dan was successful though, but only in the sense of bringing his demons to life. But what he didn’t realise was those demons might inspire him and they didn’t need to be regarded as negative entities. Although he had a hard time understanding that concept.

As for balance, he needed to find a way to bring his angels to life, yes, they were buried deep down in the irony of clutter pervading his psyche, but Dan would find them. He would bring them to life, and make them shine, because this was what they needed to do.

He had to find a way to express himself again. He had been wanting to continue his old stories for a couple of years but that just didn’t happen, and what he now understood  was old stories do not make new stories. His present was nothing like his past.

The old stories were the villains, and the good guys were the new. That the angels presented themselves as demons and vice versa was Dan’s stumbling block. If he waited for life to be perfect, he would wait forever and never achieve a thing. Seize the day. Perfection is a momentary and intangible concept.

So after two years of idling and vacillation, he took his pen and wrote.

“It is with a fearful heart that my pen meets this page, for I feel that, in some odd way, time has stolen my creativity. Well, I am just going to have to steal it back. Can I steal from time, or reclaim, that sounds better.”

And so Dan wrote for three hours straight, just thoughts, anything and everything, his mind wandering from one sentence to the next. It had been so long, he hardly recognized his handwriting. Though by this one simple act, he felt back in the game. The demons becoming angels, that was the key. Or maybe the angels becoming demons.

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