On to the other side

Gone but not forgotten, held tight with an embrace,

From the world that could be and the world that was,

Too much had been and too much you had seen,

Just time to say goodbye.

To the people I loved and those who loved me,

Carry on as if I were never in your heart,

Who knows, one day I might appear again,

And then we could start anew.

Remember me with silent eyes, admiring the horizon,

On which we both can sit and watch the sun go down,

And rise again and spark a lovely dawn,

To quell the dimming of the day.

By now you’ve heard enough of me, so I’ll just take a bow,

And move to take my rest,

I’ll see you on the other side or maybe here again,

Love is deep and conquers all, and love will rise again.

Peter Christian Elmvang 2022

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